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  • What happened in this house?

    Did I get your attention? Maybe I should not have used that heading, but it is what I wonder every time I am there. Perhaps I should explain. This house is more then a house. It is a home. One that saw so many settlers in its day. Built in 1905 by The Canadian Pacific for accommodation for visiting superintendents who were overseeing the railroad construction. Not slapped together for another sale. The construction was thought out. Beautifully built. Round hallway corner, detailed craft thru-out. Gorgeous stained glass, heavy doors and solid manicured trim. An over-sized dining area was a necessity. Natural light was a must. 2 staircases. Space in the parlor (living room) to retreat to and spacious bedrooms were created. I wonder what kind of day the guests and residents of this home had. I imagine the kitchen baked many loaves of homemade bread and the high ceilings in the dining room boasted an echo of conversation. Perhaps an occasional moment of loneliness staring out the large bedroom windows dreaming of loved ones that will soon join them in the pursuit of the west. Over the years 216 Ansley Street has had many upgrades especially after it was moved from Richardson to Rouleau in the fall of 2007. A woman with the love of history wanted to keep the details of the home intact while making it her own. Now it’s time for the next owner to finish the vision. Do you have a vision for a historic home?


  • Spring Story - 239 4th Street in Milestone "An Eaton House Saved"

    An Eaton House Saved - 239 4th Street, Milestone

    Quite honestly one of my favourite homes I’ve ever had the pleasure of listing is this old Eaton’s house.  The owners, Jade and Barry, have been friends as long as I can remember and I was fortunate to watch this project develop into the modern home it is now!

    Once upon a time a train brought the supplies needed to Yellow Grass where this house was originally built.  The home stayed on a farm near Yellow Grass and raised a couple generations of one farm family until it was no longer needed and was in need of either demolition or significant repair. 

    Jade has always had a creative vision and had dreamt of an old character home with a wrap around deck, a classic look but with all the upgrades that their family had grown accustom to.  Barry, a journeyman bricklayer by trade, had the ambition and know how to put Jade’s vision together.  When the perfect lot became available in Milestone they knew they had to make this project happen! Originally from Milestone, Barry and Jade knew all the local contractors/businesses that would be needed for the upcoming journey.  Lucyk Building Movers would relocate the large Eaton’s home on the new foundation and reconstruction would begin.

    Having a new foundation was one of the bigger components at the start of the restoration.  It allowed 2 more large bedrooms for the teenage girls with shared bathroom in the basement.  They created a shared access from both sides adjoining the bathroom from each bedroom with their own entrances.  Unique, to eliminate sibling warfare, both bedrooms had their own vanity/sinks in their bedrooms.  The shared components were shower and toilet.  The basement also housed the utilities including new electrical, on demand hot water heater, which heats the house plus unlimited hot water! Crucial for this busy family of 6! Two sets of washer and dryers - 1 in the basement and the other on the 2nd floor. 

    When you have a family of 6 there is a necessity for 4 bathrooms, 3 living spaces and 4 entrances entering every side of the house.  The wrap around deck to enjoy the sun from every angle, a coffee and maybe a glass of wine or a beer.

    Yes everything right down to the studs was redone.  Spray foamed, new fixtures, cabinetry, of-course stonework, granite, natural gas fireplace and tons of built-ins thru-out.  What I love is that even tho they recreated this house top to bottom, inside and out the wood and character was carefully removed and put back to keep that classic look. Yes there is an ensuite, yes there is fully functional bathrooms, yes there is a walk in closet, yes there is an oversized double garage for all the toys.

    Why would they sell their dream house? It is the most asked question I get! The kids have started moving out and it's time to move onto the next dream! Barry and Jade will both admit they will miss the home and have enjoyed their years creating the vision they had when they found this old Eaton's home. Time for the next family to love where they live, enjoy the modern living while respecting the old character that still remains in this home. This home has many stories to tell and many more to come! 

  • Order An Eaton's House?

    I'm a big fan of history especially Saskatchewan history. The Eaton's house is one of those lost stories that needs to be told! I have had the privilege of selling a few of these homes. Most can be recognized by the distinct layout and age, but the way to truly know is only if the present owner has the knowledge and some history of the home. To think you could look thru a catalogue and pick out the home your going to build. The supplies sent on a train. I find this fascinating especially when you take a look at the catalogue, which I have attached. 

    FYI - I have an Eaton's home currently listed. It's been completely redone. Do you know which one it is? A Spring Story about it and the homes unique story will be told in a few short days.....

    For now have a look at the old Eaton's catalogue and pick out what would have been your home 100+ years ago.

  • A Spring Story..... 363 Pasqua Lake Road

    I wanted to start with this property as I truly believe a lot of lake properties are being overlooked these days with a flooded market.  I love this place! Honestly the drive to Pasqua Lake from Regina is relaxing. It is so quiet out there and it feels like you have no neighbours even tho there are people on the lake! I have relatives who have enjoyed this lake for years and wouldn't consider being anywhere else.  This particular home was thought out. The current owner has a real knack for the details.  A roof top deck allows a view of the lake that I do not think anyone else has! I like to call the room at the top of the stairs the "ready room".  Leave your beers inside, take a break from the sun or change or whatever you need to do to get ready! LOL! The main floor is so bright with windows everywhere.  I think the best is the side deck off of the kitchen/dining/living space.  Everything is thought out to max the space.  Some neat things are the old door that was brought in and the owners have enjoyed. It's such a cool thing to see at the back entrance.  I also find having the laundry at the back very convenient.  It's on the main floor yet convenient after you've been working or should I say playing in the mancave! Everything is clean and pretty in this house.... the kitchen has lots of cupboards and an island.  Both bedrooms on the main floor are oversized.  The current owners take pride in what they created.  They did not build this newer home to sell.  They built it for themselves to enjoy.... and it is quite evident when you go downstairs! A generator to never leave you without power and systems are all in place to make this place so functional.  No waste, everything high efficient and tons of storage in the partial crawl space.  What is really awesome is there is another room in the basement.  It would be perfect for a teenager or company or recreation space.  A door leads outside from the basement. Soooo.... the mancave. What can I say??? It speaks for itself! Room to tinker. Space to hang out or use it for intended purpose of a garage..... although there is a shed for storage..... hmmmmm..... This lot has a good drainage system and the driveway was planned for easy parking.  You can even turn around so that you never have to back out.  Convenient lot space has enough room and power to have quests pull their trailer in for the weekend or store your boat.  The boat launch isn't far and there are amenities within minutes if you don't feel like going back to the city.  This is much more then a recreational property.  Year round living could be enjoyable for that person or family looking for a new way to live life.  Over built with all the extras!  Pasqua Lake is a fun place to be!
  • Kids and Real Estate...........

    Kids have such great imaginations and I love watching them in action as we go through a home!!!  No space is to small or to large and there is always something interesting to see!!!  My children are being raised seeing several different properties with the understanding of what "Mom" does for a living.  Both Joshua and Cassidy love to see a new property and always have 100 suggestions what to do with the space.  My daughter has been part of this lifestyle since she was 2 weeks old and it always makes me laugh to see Cassidy make herself at home everytime we walk through the door to another property!!!  Coats, mitts, hat and boots are off immediately and off to explore a new space!!! 

    When bringing your children along for showings there are a few things you do need educate them about.  This is someone else's home and their belongings and the seller's space needs to be respected as we are a guest for a very short time in their home.  Depending on the price range some homes may need some work or have some "danger" spots.  I often have people that bring small children or babies with them, which is encouraged if a babysitter is not readily available.  Please remember to come prepared as "poopy" diapers do happen, children get hungry, thirsty and are very eager to explore.  When a house is vacant children have quite a bit of freedom and you are able to still get a good look at the home, but when its not it is sometimes very time consuming to be chasing a toddler and this may factor into your decision making process.  Be prepared when you take small children with you during househunting so you are still able to enjoy picking out your future home!!!Smile