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Order An Eaton's House?

I'm a big fan of history especially Saskatchewan history. The Eaton's house is one of those lost stories that needs to be told! I have had the privilege of selling a few of these homes. Most can be recognized by the distinct layout and age, but the way to truly know is only if the present owner has the knowledge and some history of the home. To think you could look thru a catalogue and pick out the home your going to build. The supplies sent on a train. I find this fascinating especially when you take a look at the catalogue, which I have attached. 

FYI - I have an Eaton's home currently listed. It's been completely redone. Do you know which one it is? A Spring Story about it and the homes unique story will be told in a few short days.....

For now have a look at the old Eaton's catalogue and pick out what would have been your home 100+ years ago.

Published Tuesday, April 2, 2019 5:44 PM by Rhonda Garratt
Attachment(s): Eaton-Plan-Book-of-Ideal-Homes.pdf

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