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Kids and Real Estate...........

Kids have such great imaginations and I love watching them in action as we go through a home!!!  No space is to small or to large and there is always something interesting to see!!!  My children are being raised seeing several different properties with the understanding of what "Mom" does for a living.  Both Joshua and Cassidy love to see a new property and always have 100 suggestions what to do with the space.  My daughter has been part of this lifestyle since she was 2 weeks old and it always makes me laugh to see Cassidy make herself at home everytime we walk through the door to another property!!!  Coats, mitts, hat and boots are off immediately and off to explore a new space!!! 

When bringing your children along for showings there are a few things you do need educate them about.  This is someone else's home and their belongings and the seller's space needs to be respected as we are a guest for a very short time in their home.  Depending on the price range some homes may need some work or have some "danger" spots.  I often have people that bring small children or babies with them, which is encouraged if a babysitter is not readily available.  Please remember to come prepared as "poopy" diapers do happen, children get hungry, thirsty and are very eager to explore.  When a house is vacant children have quite a bit of freedom and you are able to still get a good look at the home, but when its not it is sometimes very time consuming to be chasing a toddler and this may factor into your decision making process.  Be prepared when you take small children with you during househunting so you are still able to enjoy picking out your future home!!!Smile


Published Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:35 AM by Rhonda Garratt

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